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Artist Statement: My grandfather and great-grandfather were portrait photographers and my earliest exposure to photography came from watching my grandfather shoot and process images of people. So I think I try my approach flowers as a portrait photographer might. Flowers have a face, a body, and a context that all need to be captured in the right light, the right proportion, the right composition. You have to be patient when they dance in the wind. You have to be mindful of the light on their face. You have to be sure that the background doesn't distract from the subject. All of it is great fun for me.

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Birdfoot VioletsSpiral PalmSouthern Red TrilliumYellow Lady SlipperBloodrootWater LilyPink Lady SlipperCrocusPassion FlowerChrysanthemumLeavenworthiaColumbineTurk's Cap LilyLeaf Macro 2Cotton Grass, Denali Natl Park, AKTennessee ConeflowerRose TrilliumBirdfoot VioletsYellow Lady SlipperWater Lily